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Hear it From the Girls


These past and present volunteers and board members of My Girlfriend’s Closet have graciously shared their amazing experiences with our organization – read these testimonials below to get an inside look at how My Girlfriend’s Closet not only changes the lives of foster girls in need, but also the volunteers and board members as well!


Hear it From the Girls


Carly Flowers, Current Board Member

“Ever since I started volunteering at MGC in 7th grade, I have continually burgeoned my relationship with my mother as well as my social, organizational, and leadership skills. My mother and I have always been pretty close, but working with MGC brought us closer than ever. Together, as Directors of Collections, we had to drive from one end of San Diego to a other, hauling loads of clothes here and there. We worked together, enjoying each other’s company, and made significant progress in the nonprofit’s success. MGC definitely brought my mom and I closer together because we were able to work together in such a meaningful way that most mothers and daughters don’t get to experience. Not only has MGC brought my mother and I closer together, but it also greatly helped me to get into the college of my dreams. MGC gave me the unique opportunity to hold the highest leadership position in an entire organization. How many high schoolers are controlling entire nonprofits? It’s a rare post for someone of my age, and that uniqueness has turned out to be the biggest blessing of all. Because of my leadership and involvement in MGC, I was able to get into the highly selective program I’ve always dreamed of at the perfect school for me. I can’t wait to go there this fall, and I will forever hold MGC greatly responsible for my admittance. Not only did MGC get me into my dream school, but it has also prepared me for the life I will be living there. I am an expert on organizing groups of people, getting a task done efficiently and cost-effectively, maintaining proper decorum in difficult situations, and being a good leader and friend to all those around me. My Girlfriends Closet has been more to me than just a volunteer position- it has set me on my way to my future, making all things possible and allowing me to actually chase my lifelong dreams.”


Miranda Ciesol, Past Board Member

“I became a part of this organization over six years ago, at an age where these issues did not seem relevant to me. As I experienced our organization’s distribution events grow from serving thirty to nearly 300 girls, I felt the impact personally and decided to take on a larger role. I attended a board meeting and bravely asked if there was more I could do beyond participating in the gently used clothing, shoe, and accessory collection and sorting events. Now I am in charge of coordinating with foster care administrators, hosting distribution events and delegating tasks to other volunteers. Since I have taken on this leadership role I am proud to we have been able to help 500 girls replenish their closets and their confidence, a number of which I am incredibly proud.”

Sarah Poiset, Past Board Member 

“At first when I begin volunteering at My Girlfriend’s Closet I just thought of it as another item to put on my already lengthy resume.  Instead of just a typical volunteer experience I received a unique understanding of the San Diego community.  MGC offered me the opportunity to work alongside and for girls my age.  Instead of just seeing the need, I understood the need in a way only a young girl could.  I also received the irreplaceable opportunity to volunteer alongside my mother, spending quality time together that will be remembered fondly in college.  I finally took pride in being a volunteer, a board member, and a member of the San Diego community.”




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